Lisa Alexander (Ontario Winter games Qualifiers)

Yesterday, January 18th Lisa A took place. Congratulations top all the swimmers who participated! As for the winter games qualifiers in they accepted two teams from 11-12 and 13-15 in 11-12 only two teams competed but they both swam beautifully and should be proud of there swims. In 13-15 three competed fabulously though only two could move forward to Ontario Winter Games the two teams were both from Nepean Synchro and one of the 11-12 teams were also from Nepean.   

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New Figures

This September as the synchro season kicks off swimmers all over Canada will be learning new figures (the solo part with no music). These figures are still a secret to some clubs but will soon be worked on for the first figure meet of the year;  Lisa Alexander.

Good luck every one learning new figures this year.

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Canadian Espoire Championships

The Canadian Espoire  Championships were hosted by Gloucester synchro this year at Nepean Sportsplex a few weeks ago. Espoire is a national championships where the Canadian National team competes. Sadly, I missed it but I heard it was wonderful. I hope to catch it next time it’s in town, or maybe be swimming with them.  

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Vote now and often for a great Synchro Coach (Deanna Sokoloski)

My coach is a fantastic leader, a friend, a mentor and wonderful in just about every way.  She has been chosen in the top four in a video contest for best coach in Ontario.  Please give the video a look and voting for her now and every day until the end of the month.

Click this link to visit the page and vote.

Thanks for your support.  Here is a copy of the video for your viewing pleasure.  Remember vote now and vote often!

TIP: you can vote once each day on each of your devices (computer, phone, iPod, etc.)

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Synchro is a real sport

Synchro is incredibly challenging. There is no judging. We work as a team to improve in all areas. In synchro we win together and we lose together, not only in competition but at practice. Every time we complete a swim through we win. We win because we show up.

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Synchronized swimming builds character, exhibits talent and deserves to stay in the Olympics

The International Olympic movement has been floating trial balloons about kicking the sport of Synchronized Swimming out of the summer Olympics so that they can include other sports.

Let me put it out there so that there is no misunderstanding…synchronized swimming is a sport and it is a tough sport. Try ice dancing and gymnastics underwater and you will get some idea of how difficult it is to do well.  But more than that, it is a reasonably priced sport that all girls with access to water can become involved in to build strength, endurance, and character and to make lifelong friendships.  Synchronized swimming is what the Olympics should always be about.

Synchronized swimming is a sport that is not based on “beating” your opponent, but on striving to be the best you can be as a team and as an individual.  It is mentally and physically demanding in all of the best ways.

Synchro is not only a sport, but it is a way of life for many aspiring Olympic athletes.  Keep this dream alive…find and sign the petition to keep this wonderful sport in the Olympic family of sports.

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